Tirupati Laddu


Tirupati Laddu: "
Laddu is the most famous Prasad of Tirupati temples. This prasadam is available on laddoo Prasadam counter in Tirupati.

Information about Laddus

Near About 2, 00,000 Laddus are made daily for the devotees.

One Laddu is given free to each devotee as Prasad.

For Extra Laddu you have to pay Rs. 10 per Laddu.

The annually income from the sale of Laddu is more than 12 million rupees.

The tirupati Laddu is bigger than normal laddu which we found in sweet shop.

There are two types of Laddu small and Big. The weight of small laddu is around 100gms and the weight of Big laddu mean Kalyana Laddu is around 500gms.

The tradition of Tirupati Laddu is nearly 300 years old.

Ingredients used in Tirupati Laddu are Besan flour (kadalai mavu), Sugar, Cashew nuts, Cardamom, Ghee, Oil, Sugar candy, Raisins and Almonds.

Besan flour - 100 bags (each bag contains 50 kg)
ii) Sugar - 100 bags (each bag contains 100 kg)
iii) Cashewnuts - 40 boxes (one box contains 15 kg)
iv) Cardamom - 150 kg
v) Ghee - 300 litres
vi) Oil - 20 kg approx.
vii) Sugar candy - 8 bags (each bag contains 50 kg)
viii) Raisins - 36 boxes (each box contains 15 kg)
iX) Almonds - 1 or 2 boxes

One of the most attraction parts of visit to Tirupati temples is Laddu which is an offered as Prasad to the devotees. Legend says that this sweet is loved by Lord Venkateswara.