Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva: "

Lord Shiva also called MAhayogi mean greatest of all yogi and also called Mritunjaya means who never dies , nobody can define him , He is the most ancient God in Hindu mythology It is said that Lord ofLord with all the power this universe possess .He is the creator and the same time He is the destroyer . He is the GURU or master of Lord Kuber the God of wealth .HE is also called Bhootnath mean Master of all spirits in this universe. He is also called bholenath means a very simple and sober who can fulfill you desires very easily .He only possess power of mrityu sanjeevani vidya from which he can give life to any death person , Once He drink the dangerous poison to save this earth and His whole body become blue according to Hindu mythology so he also called Neelkanth.
By worshipping her one can attains all asth sidhis and free from poverty ,one can free from all types of ailments and desease .

Shiva mantras:-

Aum NAmah Shivaya recite this mantra 108 times daily for all round prosperity .

MAhamritunjaya Mantra :- ( For to get rid of all types of mishaps accidents and ailments.)

Om Trayamabakam Yajamahe Sungadhim pushti Vardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityomukhshiya Yamamritat