BAglamukhi , who is the most powerful gooddess in dusmahavidya and called the terror to the enemies , In this present age it is called that Goddess baglumukhi can fulfill all the desires , It also called Pitambara Vidya , give protection from all enemies and defeat them ,She give victory in all types of legal matters , court cases and clear all the bad influence of planet MARS and clear away the debts . She clears all types of tantra mantra and any sort of black magic effects She Give total protection from all evil planet and evil power in this world. It good if this sadhna is done in guidance of spiritual GURU.
IN Her sadhna all clothes , seat , flowers , garland should be yellow , for counting the mantra use yellow turmeiric . You can also check site for more details .

Baglamukhi mantra:-

Om hleem baglamukhi sarvadushtanam vacham mukham padam stambhaya jeevam keelay budhim vinashay hleem om namah swaha.